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An updated message to members from our Chairman.

Since lockdown, we have had to operate a slightly reduced service to our members as we have been unable to open our front doors due to The Mall gates being locked.  We have successfully operated an ‘appointment only’ service using our staff door and small area of our office, enabling us to engage personally with many of our members during the past three months.

We would like to thank Barrow Borough Council for opening The Mall gates, ahead of their planned schedule, to enable us to open our front doors once again.  After undertaking a thorough professional deep clean of our premises and undertaking a rigid risk assessment, with effect from Monday 29 June, we are now fully accessible to members and potential members alike for all of our services.

Our staff have worked hard during this very difficult period to keep the Credit Union moving and I’m sure, as members, you’d like to join me in thanking them.  We are not quite back to our full operation, however.  We need to ensure that we can operate safely within our present arrangement before upscaling to have all staff and volunteers back at work.

Thank you for bearing with us thus far and I will keep you appraised of future developments.

However, remember, WE ARE OPEN for cash transactions, for members to continue to save with us and make loan applications and for new members to pop in and join up.





Phil Collier
28 June 2020


The Barrow & District Credit Union is an ethical, not for profit, financial co-operative which serves our members in Barrow and South West Cumbria with savings and loans facilities.

We offer an ethical alternative to high-profit lenders and a lifeline to those who struggle to access financial services. Our aim is to stamp out loan-sharks and doorstep lenders in our area by offering affordable and manageable credit that works for you. We are owned by our members, backed by our community, and have no external shareholders to pay.


Our lifeblood is our members and our volunteers. If you would like to join us – or assist in the running of Barrow & District Credit Union – please get in touch.